Illusions of Lightness

Isochron, in collaboration with ECCO Leathers, presents our first capsule collection: “Illusions of Lightness.” This concise collection consists of four distinct objects: a ring, optical frames, a sling bag, and a glove, utilizing both sterling silver and cutting-edge technical leathers produced by ECCO Leathers; specifically, FSDX Dyneema and Apparition leather. Although leather is not traditionally utilized in the world of jewelry, we chose this combination of materials to juxtapose their opposing attributes of weight and lightness, while also showcasing their striking similarities in lustre. With the fusing of precious metal and technical leather in this collection, we seek to advance the medium of jewelry through material innovation and design.

Together, this four-item collection forms a set of protective and regenerative charms which protect the central figure of “Illusions of Lightness,” known only as The Healer. Waking up with little idea of who he is or where he is, The Healer finds himself alone, surrounded only by the four objects. As he interacts and familiarizes himself with the charms, he begins to discover that they not only protect him from present and future harm, but help heal wounds from his past as well. Fully adorned with these four items, The Healer prepares himself to take the first step on a cyclical journey to accept who he was and discover the person he will become.

Narrative Episodes
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